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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 15, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> you are alone! >> very much alone. >> a weekend warrior, you get to monday, good i don't have to run so much. >> i like fridays. >> we vote three to one. you're out. >> good monday morning, let's get moving here. we've got some decent weather after a spectacular weekend. low 50s by 9:00. we'll see a good deal of sunshine through midday. you notice more clouds by 5:00 p.m., mostly cloudy. highs today in the low 60s. a couple sprinkles overnight, pushing through area north of washington. south and east the skies have been clear. you can see a better look at this, we have problems with fog, prince george's county, andrews air force base really foggy. like a 16th of a mile visibility. fairfax right now at 52 degrees. it's 4:30. here angie goff with time saver traffic.
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thank you. hello everybody. we are looking at clear, green traffic this morning, moving it over to the bw parkway. it looks like we're doing a smooth ride out of baltimore headed down towards the beltway. as we switch on over. i'll move it outside show you the outer loop, no issues at this time. looks like volume light. might have a little fog to deal with this morning. inbound new york avenue, we'll switch that camera over and show you the road is okay from the times building to bladensburg road. virginia, 395 all you have to watch for is a little construction at the 14th street bridge taking away the left lane. if you're traveling before that on 95, you have a one hour drive out of fredericksburg to the mixing bowl. in your next traffic report, we're traveling from the eastern shore. back to you. thank you. here's a look at things which happened while you slept. >> two more nato soldiers have died from injuries during an attack in afghanistan. that raises the death toll to five. the deadly strike came after
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taliban fighters stormed a nato base in eastern afghanistan. the latest deaths raise the number of coalition service members who have died in afghanistan to 33 this month. prince george's county executive jack johnson is scheduled to report for work within hours at the county executive office building in upper marlboro. under his suit will be a court ordered ankle bracelet after his arrest friday. here's more on what we can expect this morning. >> reporter: sources close to the investigation say more arrests are possible this week in the case involving allegations against jack johnson and his wife lesli. the couple has been charged with illegally destroying and tampering with evidence. investigators are looking into allegations that johnson took bribes from a local developer. the couple charged with trying to destroy a $100,000 bribery check and concealing almost $80,000 in lesli johnson's under clothes. lesli johnson is due to be sworn in to the prince george's
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county council early next month. both are free on personal recognizance. >> i have three weeks to go and i am going to put all of my efforts into this defense and to take care of the business for the people of prince george's county. >> reporter: mr. johnson will be county executive until december 6th, when he will turnover the office. a press conference is scheduled for 5:00 this evening to talk about the recent developments in prince george's county and the government there. we'll have continuing coverage on this story of course on our website there we have posted the entire affidavit, pictures of johnson, of the stunning arrest and there is also a place to leave your thoughts on the story all at investigators are now searching for a woman who abandoned a new baby outside of
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a springfield church. a parishioner found the baby girl inside a duffel bag at 6:45 sunday morning. the infant was barely hours old, wrapped in towels with the umbilical cord attached. she is being treated at a fair fax hospital. police want to make sure the mother is okay. >> as you may know many states including virginia have a safe haven law which permits a mother to leave their baby at a hospital, emergency room or rescue squad free of any criminal charges. no questions asked. >> under virginia law, an abandoned baby can be left up to 14 days. in d.c. it's seven days old. in maryland it's three days old. 4:34. good morning if you're just waking up. congress returns now for a lame duck session, the key focus the extension or repeal of the bush era tax cuts. at issue is the tax cuts they provide for 1% of the nation which earns more than $200,000
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a year. however, not extending them could also mean higher taxes for the average american who is already struggling financially. >> reporter: lawmakers have seven weeks to act before taxes go up for millions of americans. temporary tax cuts put in place by the bush administration are set to expire. >> we are in the midst of the greatest recession in the history of this country since the great depression. it is not the time to raise anyone's taxes. >> reporter: just about everyone favors extending the cuts for lower and middle income taxpayers, but the obama administration and republicans are at odds about extending them for individuals making more than $200,000 a year. >> we just can't afford to borrow another $700 billion for tax cuts that almost entirely are going to go to millionaires, and billionaires. >> reporter: president obama has hinted he may be open to compromise. he meets with democratic and gop leaders this week to see if they can find common ground.
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as lawmakers return to washington for the lame duck session, more than 100 mostly republican freshmen are in town for orientation. it's the largest incoming class in the house in more than 60 years. they've been collecting their laptops, checking out their new offices and learning the lay of the land on capitol hill. the lawmakers all know what voters want. >> we just want to talk about the economy and what it takes to get jobs back in america. >> reporter: both sides will have to work together to get things done. republicans will control the house, while the democrats still have a majority in the senate. >> today the house ethics committee begins its trial of congressman charles wrangle. the new york democrat is charged with 13 counts of ethics violations, including tax evasion. wrangle says he is confident he will be cleared. president obama says he sees renewed hopes for progress in
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mideast peace talks now. he called the prospect of a settlement freeze in the disputed west bank a promising sign. he also urged israel and the palestinians to be truly committed to resuming talks now. a big break in the search for a missing ohio family. police in mount vernon rescued one of the children sunday and actually made an arrest as well. 30-year-old matthew hoffman is charged with kidnapping after a s.w.a.t. team found the missing girl bound and gagged in his basement. click it or ticket, the local police will be out in force to make sure you're obeying the rules of the road. a local employer is announcing plans for hundreds of new layoffs. we'll have the details. stay with us. 3q
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overnight north of town. the fog is your concern, east and southeast of town. watch for that. looking at our day planner today, we're looking at a decent day. once the fog burns off, we'll call it partly sunny. upper 50s by noon, high today in the low 60s. mostly cloudy as we head throughout the afternoon and evening with showers coming tonight and tomorrow. we'll have more on that in about four or five minutes. now here is angie with time saver traffic. we are in the clear traveling west on route 50 in maryland from the eastern shore basilica bowie. coming up in your next traffic report at 4:49 a check on prince george's county roads and interstate 270. thank you. it's 4:40. time for the first your money report. >> jessica doyle is here. talking with the auto industry. >> big week for gm, returning to wall street for the first time this week. gm's first public stock offering since the government bailed it out is scheduled thursday. the stock should begin trading
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somewhere between $26.29 on a sharon the new york stock exchange. as for trading today, asian stock markets ever lower following losses on wall street. the dow lost 90 points in trading fry dame the nasdaq was down 37 points. the s&p 500 was off by 14. layoffs are hitting the largest ship builder in the nation. northrup will cut jobs. it says the cuts are necessary to improve efficiency and cost. the company employs 120,000 people worldwide. men in stressful jobs can suffer art heart problems a new study shows women's hearts can suffer from effects with stress. women with very little authority, are 40% less likely to have heart problems. worrying about losing a job
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sets the stage for heart problems as well. >> take a cleansing breath and relax. >> it's going to be okay. >> a little jazz, a cup of tea. >> the color green. >> love it! thank you, jessica. well, green, no. big blue, big headed alien reigned supreme at the box office. >> one local high school will no longer give students an f if they fail a subject. we'll explain when we come back. it's 4:42. you're watching 9news now.
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4:44. weather time now, we do it first. good morning, howard. good morning, minor problems this morning. >> i think it's beautiful so far. >> so far. you're not down south and east where the fog is really dense. >> good point. >> place like andrews air force base, visibility is one-16th of a mile, near zero. east and southeast coming in will take you a little longer with the fog.
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the bus stop forecast, patchy areas of fog southeast. temperatures in the 40s this morning. our sun's up at 6:51, setting at around 4:54 this afternoon. now, your day planner will become partly sunny by 9:00, 52, like northerly winds at 4 miles per hour. north to northeast winds five, maybe in some spots ten, but you'll notice as we go through the afternoon, the winds don't move much. northeast at three. 60 degrees with mostly cloudy skies by 5:00. the question is whether weather we get showers in here before the end of the game? looking real close here for the second half. satellite and radar, did you see this? a couple light sprinkles through montgomery county overnight. now they're drifting toward baltimore county. south and east skies were clearer, and that allowed fog
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to form. the low 40s to low 50s in annapolis. and cambridge 52 torque the west low to mid-40s from winchester up through martinsburg, cumberland 48, leesburg 45 degrees. 49 in town. it is cloudy at the moment, with a light east wind at 5 miles per hour. hour humidity is 93%. a light east wind, not much of a wind chill, maybe feels like 47 as opposed to 49. we'll get some rain. i know it's been great around here, but the jet is taking a drip here. look at the lower mississippi valley, louisiana, mississippi, coming into alabama now, low pressure is organizing and it's moving to the north and east. now, a little bit of that moisture could sneak in here later on in the first part of the night as the storm comes up, but through the day today with the boundary off to the north and west, there could be an isolated sprinkle near the bay, but for the most part we will be partly sunny, with increasing
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clouds in the afternoon. by 6:00, southern virginia through eastern tennessee and north carolina seeing moisture. watch how that moves north and east. i stopped this at 11:00 because 8:30 start time we'll be in the second half. some rain will start to approach fedex field and the whole metro for that matter. this batch moves through overnight. still can't rule out showers in the morning especially north and west. while the rain will be spotty in nature tomorrow morning, during the afternoon and evening, it really starts to get steadier and heavier in spots. by tuesday evening, knots north of us, especially in pennsylvania, it will be debt in the delmarva, late tonight through wednesday morning, we have a rain chance. it's been dry, but we could pick up an inch of rain from this system. highs won't be 65, but we'll do 62, that's not bad.
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we may hold in the 50s, hagerstown, cumberland, martinsburg, along the bay in annapolis 56 degrees. temperatures for the most part tonight will be in the 40s. don't know if frederick will get that cool, depends how quickly those clouds move in. let's look at your next three days. we have temperatures which really will be kind of sliding south on us a little bit. nice today, 62. tomorrow, with the rain and showers only in the mid 50s. an early shower wednesday, then a little afternoon sun breezy and 64. by thursday and friday, some cooler weather moves in. thursday 55, slim chance of a shower. friday the chilliest day of the week at 52. i think we'll get another nice weekend with temperatures by saturday and sunday getting back above the 60-degree mark. so while we will take rain tomorrow into wednesday, to pay for that for a good weekend, very few complaints. >> i like how you think howard bernstein. thank you very much.
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no major issues to report across our region as we look at our real time graphics, we'll show you route four, branch avenue, crane highway, all three roads are clear. 270 moving it up to show you the southbound trip. it looks like we're doing fine from frederick towards the split. northbound just a little bit of lingering construction near the falls road exit. hey, virginia, 66. you're our next stop, finding our lanes wide open out of manassas, past route 50 up towards the capitol beltway. 495 in virginia, drivers moving at speed from 95 toward 56 past the american legion bridge. 395 northbound no issues to report as we can switch it over to virginia, i can show you that. a little construction to contend with across the 14th street bridge, taking away the left lane. at 5:00 or 5:01, we'll have a focus on your maryland roads. back to you. thank you, angie. a warning for motorists, buckle
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up. >> local police are cracking down on drivers who are not wearing seat belts, it's part of the click it or ticket campaign. not wearing a seat belt could mean a $25 ticket in maryland, $50 in the district and in virginia you actually have to be pulled over for something else first, if you get caught without your seat belt, it's $25 there. first, speed cameras coming to college park. be aware it will be activated along paint branch parkway. if you're caught speeding there, the fine is $40. the enemy within, a never before released justice department report indicates the united states became a safe haven for nazi war criminals after world war ii. the 600 page report was published on the new york times website. it says some nazis were allowed to i am great to the emigrate to the united states for intelligence reasons. >> intelligence agencies would want to do business with people involved in the worst genocide in the history of mankind.
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>> the strong burden ought to be making it public a long time ago, we can learn from our mace takes. >> the report does not mention the number of nazis into the u.s. a office of special investigation was created and deported nazis. 67 were deported and blocked 200 from coming into the country. virginia legislators are mourning the death of a former colleague. w henry maxwell died this weekend after a battle with park in son's and diabetes. he was elected to the virginia house of delegates in 1992 where he represented the newport news community. maxwell retired in 2003 after more than a decade of service. fellow lawmakers are praising the democrat as an effective hard working legislator. a ban on plastic bags could be a reality in arlington county. county board members plan to ask the general assembly to ban the use of plastic bags or make people pay to get them.
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the county board hopes to have a plan on plastic bags within the next month or so. one local high school is taking a new controversial approach to learning. west potomac high school in the alexandria section of fairfax county is no longer giving students fs. according to the washington post, they will have an i for incomplete. students can make up missed or poorly done work. they will only receive an f this if they fail to make up such work. it's a delayed f. >> as a teacher it's hard to understand not doing what the student has done to themselves, but maybe it's getting them ready for college. you can get an incomplete in college. >> an interesting take, bill gates did a commence. speech and said if you don't get an f, that's not how the real world works. employers don't delay your dismissal, they do it now. he thinks on his take, they should keep grades as they are.
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>> we'll see, again if they make it up, that's something, but. we would love to hear your opinion, put it on facebook. it will be fun to hear it. >> no fs, as a student i like it. in the real world i'm not sure. doctors are calling for federal regulation for energy drinks. the typical drink is loaded with sugar and caffeine, the quantities of other ingredients are often unknown. doctors are concerned how those ingredients may combine with caffeine to effect blood pressure and mental states. they're concerned with energy drinks with alcohol. the washington redskins showed their appreciation to military veterans with free health screenings in the locker room at fedex field. the event was designed to encourage veterans to be proactive about their health. cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure and glaucoma screenings were among the free screenings
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offered there. it is 4:53. the president is back in washington after a ten day trip overseas, how successful were his diplomate be trade efforts? >> a local teacher travels to one of the most remote parts of the world to learn about the origins of the planet. first the question of the day. >> this morning, we want to know -- this is hard for me to read you do it. >> this morning we want to know the average bra size of the american woman. you see why mike didn't want to handle that? is it a, 34b; b, 36c; or c, 38d, put your answer to this question, this mind boggling question on our facebook page we'll be right back.
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call or click today. 4:57. here's a look at our day planner for today, the future cast showing you we may see an isolated sprinkle. don't focus on that. we have a lot of breaks especially in virginia. by 9:00, low 50s. fog in prince george's county and southern maryland. visibility the less than a mile in spots. by noon, upper 50s to around 60. we'll top out in the low 60s with increasing clouds. thank you. 4:57 an unlikely hero continued to dominate at the box office. >> the dreamworks animation mega minds came in first for the second straight week bringing in slightly more than $30 million. it's made nearly $90 million total. rounding up the top five, unstoppable, with denzel
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washington, 23.5 million. due date 15.5 million. skyline 11.7 million. and morning glory starring our very own mike hydeck with almost $10 million. so how did the universe begin? a local high school teacher is headed to want to antarctica. she'll search for answers at the bottom of the world. >> bye-bye. >> washington science teacher katie sherry is heading to antarctica where it's 40 below zero to a project called ice cube. it's collecting data from a mile underground from 8000 photo collectors like this one. >> in a light bulb, electricity comes in and light comes out. in this, light comes into this end and electricity comes out of the top into a cable that goes to our data collection computers. >> sherry says it captures the
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light from comes from muons that from from neutronos, part of an atom. they are streaming through you and me, all through the building, all through the sun. we've never been able to really study them in large quantities before. >> ms. sherry says scientists at the south poll are hoping to detect this from super nova, black holes and the big bang. >> we're trying to learn about universal questions, where do we come from? what else is out there? who are we? what are we made of? the biggest questions that have been interesting since the dawn of time. >> reporter: oh yeah, she'll get to see penguins in seals also but no polar bears, they live in the north pole. peggy fox, 9news now. good morning, thank you for watching 9news now. it's 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> happy monday, angie will have traffic in a moment. howard has your weather first. >> people think happy monday


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